Our Trainers

Geremy Freeman

Lead Personal Trainer

“My passion for fitness and strength training began in 1990 when a high school buddy and I started working out in his basement with some plastic, sand-filled weights. The pursuit of strength and the desire to continually learn and improve have been constants in my life ever since. My interests include weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, grip strength, bodyweight training and nutrition. What I love about fitness is that it encompasses a wide range of disciplines, both athletic and academic, and that there is always something new to learn and a new skill to acquire. Vigorous exercise, sound nutrition, and adequate rest/recovery, when intelligently applied, are powerful tools that transform lives. I love sharing my experience and knowledge I have gained throughout my journey with others, and to motivate them to achieve far more than what they thought was possible. My philosophy is to overcome limitations and obstacles with intelligence and hard work, to never be timid about giving effort, for the rewards greatly outweigh any temporary discomfort, to expect a measure of adversity that will eventually yield to a much greater success, and to play the long game, as true fitness is a lifetime pursuit. I was raised in Texas and moved to north Alabama when I was 14. I came to Tuscaloosa in 1994 to attend The University of Alabama and I have lived here since then. My studies at UA culminated in a doctorate in Romance Languages in 2009. I also attended Shelton State Community College and earned my Exercise Instructor certificate in 2017.”