“I began training with Carley in the winter of 2015. I suffered from bat wings, low muscle mass and just getting older. Dieting wasn’t the answer anymore. After a short time of low impact exercise, I had muscle tone and tighter skin. 4 years later I feel and look better than I did 20 years ago.”
– Shelley A.

“As a mother of a small child, coming from a large gym I was very unhappy with, finding this fitness center has been perfect for me. It is a huge deal that I can bring my son and him be able to be right there with me while I work out. I can come right in and get my workout done without having to stand and wait on the machine or weights to become free. This location is also great! I love having the option to run outside. I would highly recommend this facility especially to moms who are on a time crunch and want an effective workout.”
– Whitney H.