“I have never had a personal trainer before and was extremely nervous. Andrew eased my anxiety by being so welcoming and professional. He always demonstrated the exercises and showed the special modifications for each one as I had to work around bad knees. He is also downright hilarious at times and I never thought id say it, but I actually look forward to going to the gym now!”
– Andy T.

“No Limits is the perfect gym for me! I love that they cap their members so I always have the gym to myself. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in other gyms that are packed with people & I hated waiting to get on a certain machine. No Limits is so convenient being 24/7 & I LOVE the beautiful river view while I’m working out. “
– Nicole M.

“As a mother of a small child, coming from a large gym I was very unhappy with, finding this fitness center has been perfect for me. It is a huge deal that I can bring my son and him be able to be right there with me while I work out. I can come right in and get my workout done without having to stand and wait on the machine or weights to become free. This location is also great! I love having the option to run outside. I would highly recommend this facility especially to moms who are on a time crunch and want an effective workout.”
– Whitney H.